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Starbird provides best-in-class support in marketing, operations, training, technology, purchasing and culinary support. We set up our franchisees for success and never stop challenging industry conventions.

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Marketing, operations & technology support

Marketing programs
catered to today’s tech

Starbird’s marketing team will guide you through their omni-channel approach to sales growth. Our team will help onboard and manage your marketing team.

Marketing programs catered to today's technology at Starbird


  • Digital Ad ecosystem dashboard, tracking all purchases and measuring daily success of digital marketing
  • Loyalty program training and CRM dashboard training
  • Automated campaign training and tracking
  • LSM marketing efforts & community engagement
  • Catering sales support
  • Influencer outreach and brand ambassador program
  • Third Party Delivery promotion management
  • PR efforts and copy writing support

multi/omni-sales channel

While channel strategies involve selling across multiple physical and digital platforms, the key difference of Starbird's omni-channel strategy is the seamlessly integrated experience between all channels offered.

Experiencing Starbird Chicken via different channels with our restaurant technology advances

Starbird’s omni-channel approach includes proprietary web/app pickup and delivery, integrated third party delivery, in-store kiosk ordering and 4 virtual brands.


Integrated loyalty ordering via our mobile app and website.


Dine-in ordering available at our kiosk stations or with a cashier.


Catering pickup and delivery available through web/app ordering.


DoorDash, UberEats and other 3PD partners are integrated through our POS system, eliminating the need for tablets.

Starbird’s Branded House

Starbird’s branded house consists of Starbird and four additional virtual brands, Starbird Salads, Starbird Wings, Starbird Bowls and Gardenbird. Starbird’s virtual brands makeup 16% of total sales and are a great way to build digital revenue.

Starbird's branded house

Grand opening support

From real estate and construction to training and marketing, our franchise partners have guidance every step of the way. Please see our team page to learn more about our team.

Our marketing team will curate and connect with influencers in the community. We typically target 100+ influencers from Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube and more.
We connect with local community organizations and embrace them with meal drops, menus and information on our loyalty and catering programs.
We will be using all of the avenues above to drive users to download our app for pickup and delivery ordering. Our “VIP” days use our app technology to drive loyalty.
We will use our home page banner carousel to talk about our new presence in the community.
Our digital ad strategy will target users in the community prior to the opening. We track overall conversions and purchases.
We will work with our third party delivery partners to launch funded marketing campaigns within each delivery app. These will include free delivery, discounted items and % off deals.
We will be working with our PR partners to drive newsworthy local buzz in the community.
We will have a sales outreach team who conducts all possible catering leads including schools, hospitals and other essential businesses.

Tried & Tested
Operational Systems

We have been perfecting our operation procedures for the last 5 years and we continue to fine tune every year. We are continuing to innovate our processes and improve our service. Our assembly to order process vs cooking to order allows us to process orders efficiently.

Starbird tried and tested operational systems

Best in Class LMS
Training Program

Our training programs have been designed by a team with years of experience in the restaurant industry. The training includes a manager training program and training team to support new restaurant openings as well as a cloud based training program (LMS) to provide ongoing training to your teams in both English and Spanish. We will also work with you to certify your own team and store to enable you to train your new employees and stores locally.

Store development suite

Starbird has a team of people experienced in all phases of restaurant development and a suite of tools and guides to assist you in the process.

Supply chain

We have an established supply chain with national distribution capability and will guide you through the process from vendor approval, set-up, and ordering. We also source new ingredients and provide recipe builds for all LTO items. Finally, we are always working to improve the quality, availability and economics in the supply chain process and will work with you in finding and approving new vendors that meet our discerning standards.


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